Name Meaning

Lupo means wolf in latin


(If you haven't read The Muuaji Wolves or The New Wolf Ruler, this page may contain minor spoilers!)


Lupo's wife, Ella, sometimes clashes with his personally, he is mostly calm and collective, while she is usually uptight and pessamistic.

Lupo is a wise leader, and always has the respect and loyalty of his pack. (Lupo is the leader of the Kubwa pack)

His daughter and son are Rose and Buck, Rose takes on his personality, while Buck mostly has the personality of Lupo and Ella's body guards, Caesar and Caine.

Books He Appears In

  1. The Muuaji Wolves
  2. The Lion and Wolf War: The Beginning
  3. Caesar and Caine: Captured Kings
  4. Magoma and Makini: Lion Brothers of Another Kind
  5. The Lion and Wolf War: The End
  6. The New Wolf Ruler

However, Lupo only appears in The New Wolf Ruler, for a short time.


Lupo is gray, with brown ears, and a white chest and belly. His tail is mostly white, but the very tip of it is brownish. His eyes are a very light, deep blue.


  1. Ella (Wife)
  2. Buck (Son)
  3. Rose (Daughter)
  4. Leo (Archenemy)
  5. Caesar and Caine (Body Guards)
  6. Duke (Father)
  7. Violet (Mother)

Lupo has no brothers or sisters, in fact he has no cousins, aunts, or uncles either.


Lupo was originally born in the United States of America, as well as his wife Ella, and his son and daughter, Buck and Rose. However, he moves to Africa, were he meets Leo, his eventual archenemy.


his father, was a bit harsh in raising Lupo, but Lupo vowed as a pup not to raise his children that way, if ever he had any. His mother, Violet, was sweet and kind, but if Duke ever caught Violet doing something to Lupo that he would not approve of, he would force her to stay away from Lupo. As a young pup, Lupo ran away, and lived the rest of his life a lone wolf. Unfortunately, after he had married Ella, his father found him again, and begged him to come back to his home. Of course, Lupo refused and threatened to kill Duke's pack if he tried anything sly. In The Muuaji Wolves Duke realizes the errors of his ways, and asks Lupo to forgive him for what he had done.

After a few years of trying to make his own pack by asking other lone wolves to join him, Lupo eventually has around fifty wolves in his pack, and counting.

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