Name Meaning

Haki means right or justice in Swahili


Haki is a out-going, but usually respectful wolf. Rose and Haki have different personalities, but they still make a good match, since they are not too different. Rose's mother, Ella, and Haki, however, are very different, and they argue and fight often, though it usually ends with Lupo telling Haki to leave, and scolding Ella. Like Lupo, Haki's past made him promise to not be cruel to anyone he cares about, and he almost always keeps this promise. When Haki first became a member of the Kubwa Pack everyone was afraid of him because of his heritage (Being raised by a lion) but he later showed he was kind and gentle, and never gets angry or fights unless he finds it very necessary (Which he often finds it necessary to fight and argue with Ella.)

Fact About Him

Though he is not too muscular or brawny, other animals are often attracted to his well-defined body structure, including Rose, of course.

Books He Appears In

  1. The Muuaji Wolves
  2. The Lion and Wolf War: The Beginning
  3. Magoma and Makini: Lion Brothers of Another Kind
  4. The Lion And Wolf War: The End
  5. The New wolf Ruler

He does not appear in Caesar and Caine: Captured Kings.


He is all brownish red with hazel eyes.


  1. Rose (Soon to be wife)
  2. Lupo (Soon to be Father-in-law)
  3. Ella (Soon to be Mother-in-law)
  4. Leo (Adoptive father)
  5. Kito (Adoptive mother)
  6. Magoma (Adoptive brother)
  7. Makini (Adoptive brother)
  8. Hodari (Birth father-deceased)
  9. Imani (Birth mother-deceased)


Haki's father and mother, Hodari and Imani, were killed by Leo, since Hodari was constantly threatening Leo and his family. Kito, Leo's wife, however, kept Haki because she did not allow Leo to kill him, but she also did not want to leave him by himself without a family. At first Leo was not happy about it, but he quickly warmed up to having another member in his family. A couple weeks after he was adopted, Mgotta and Maquisa were born: two lion twin brothers. Magoma, Makini, and Haki quickly became best friends.

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